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  • STO Train Coming

    Tags: Games Industry, Game Development

    Another game in the shoot. Well my second MMO in one year period is coming out in less than a month and boy is this a big one not just in expectation but also in size, over 8 gigs. Thankfully … more

  • Whiteboards at Game Studios

    Tags: Random, Games Industry, Work

    I was reading a article on Joystiq were they has some photos of a tour of Blizzard and they had a few different photos of some of the whiteboards in the office and it made me realize that art … more

  • How to get your start

    Tags: Games Industry, Newbie

    I thought I would start writing a little about what my typical day is like as a Associate Producer. I'm sure there are people who want to get into the games industry who may find this interesting and … more

  • Welcome

    Tags: Welcome, Games Industry, XNA

    I welcome any one who stumbles upon this site, my name is Brent and I have decided to start writing about my insights, experiences, about games and the games industry. I may also go into other … more

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